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5 Tips to Improve the Kerb Appeal of your Property

There is no escaping the importance of a good first impression that viewers and prospective buyers get when they first pull up outside a property that they want to view. Regardless of how forgiving the online brochure and images are, the reality of a property’s exterior can be enough to excite or disappoint potential buyers in an instant and can have a huge impact on how they feel about the property going forwards.

This is where what we call kerb appeal comes in – literally referring to the aesthetic of the property and its surroundings from the kerb outside. To help you improve your kerb appeal, we spoke to our estate agents in Romford, to uncover a few insider tips and secrets on where to start and how to drive interest before potential buyers have stepped inside the threshold of your house.

Opt for an easy-to-maintain front garden or patio

Prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the property, and this starts with the frontage and how the space is presented. An exceptionally manicured and detailed front garden may look great, but the maintenance involved can be enough to turn some buyers off – meaning that something easy to maintain like a simple stretch of grass or patio with raised flower beds is the safest and most accessible option.

Clean or replace the front door  

The front door is the first part of the property that prospective buyers will interact with on arrival, so make sure that it sets a good first impression. Not only should you make sure the door is clean and secure, but it is also worth exploring the potential for a roof structure above the front door as an extra shelter against rain.

Clean the windows

This one’s an easy fix – clean the windows from the inside and outside to immediately give your property a little refresh ahead of viewings.

Consider lighting outside the front door

A growing trend is seeing lights fitted outside front doors, with sensors and automated timers to ensure that you never arrive home to a dark house with no lights on. Adding these lights to a property can give it more of a welcoming vibe during the evening and night time visits from prospective buyers, and also bolster the security and safety of the property.

Put the bins away if it’s not bin day!

Finally, having bins out is a big no when it comes to showcasing a property to its full potential. Unless they need to be out for collection, make sure that your bins are hidden away to avoid them distracting from the look of your house.