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Rubber screens are designed to catch impact, improving the equipment’s wear and tear life. The range of rubber screens includes modular rubber panels and rubber trommel panels that help to achieve optimum screen usage in coarse and heavy-duty mineral processing applications.

These rubber screens are ideal for coarse and heavy-duty platters, which visualize screening costs and reduced costs. This has occurred because the steel panels required are significantly reduced compared to other manufacturers.

  • Heavy-duty applications absorb internal frame impact and provide support to others.
  • Surrounds and features with a wide range of apertures for several applications.
  • Adjustable and suitable for both high moisture and dry applications.
  • Reduces pegging and blinding.
  • Available at a more significant expansive range cost for screening fastening systems and accessories.
  • It also absorbs impact while reducing pegging and blinding.

Features of rubber screens you should know


The whole product lifestyle of rubber screening media starts from design until installation and monitoring of equipment that is equally managed by in-house machine to ensure the time safe delivery and give optimum performance.

Modular Screen Panels

  • Normal screen size: 305 x 305 mm or 305 x 610 mm
  • Rubber Screen thickness: 30 to 90 mm
  • Wide range of self-relieving apertures
  • They are more accurate in cut points

Trommel Panels

  • Typical screen sizes: 1 000 to 4 000 mm and 3 000 to 15 000 mm diameter
  • Custom sizes available
  • Extensive range of aperture sizes
  • They are high in volume and throughput

Why choose rubber screens from our end?

  • Professionals in the delivery of the best quality products

Rubber screens’ ability to reduce wear and tear of maintenance requires many screening applications that help to enhance this natural wearability through a team of professionals in delivering the best quality products and also has control specialists that monitor its panel manufacturing process.

  • Improved wear

All rubber screens trommel panels are compression molded and made to improve wear and tear life, particularly in abrasive and corrosive applications such as heavy mineral processing such as gold, silver, and copper processing.

  • Rubber screens and press inventory

Rubber screen manufacturing facilities disclaim over ten considerable rubber screen progress granted as some of the enormous screens in the world. This state-of-the-art technology helps ensure and discover world-class screen panels for maximum performance.

This specialized focus means that we at Progress Screen guarantee the most substantial screens for all their customers in providing unique screening requirements.

There are two methods of securing your rubber screens, those are:

Modular panels in association with H-Pin and H-Sleeve system:

These methods are suited to standard frames, unique runner frames like Saddle Tops and Pip Tops, and box frames. The H-Sleeve clamping is used to secure a panel attachment and improve the frame life, and the H-Pin fastens panels achieving improved extension.

Bolt-Down rubber panels method:

These are available in various sizes and thicknesses, and the apertures are all molded with self-relieving angles to minimize pegging. They suit any application requirement, from high-impact, heavy-duty applications to sliding abrasions.


Progress screens are available in numerous ranges of apertures and profiles, which include providing the highest wear resistance general in the market according to custom applications and customers’ requirements. Our unique manufacturing capability enables them to customize screen panels to suit rubber screening machines and applications.