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Innovative Concepts for Tiny Weddings

Young couples are increasingly choosing micro weddings because they are less expensive, simpler to plan, and frequently more memorable. If you choose to have a micro-wedding, don’t pass up the chance to make it extra unique since there are some cool things you can do that don’t usually work with larger people.

Personalised Cards for Guests

The guest list for a traditional wedding must be lengthy and may number in the hundreds. Even if you wanted to, there is no way you could write hundreds of handwritten letters to your visitors without a lot of free time. A micro-wedding, however, provides this chance.

Why not handwrite the invitations for your guests to show them how much you value them. They receive the best care in addition to feeling honoured for being invited to this unique occasion. When there are fewer than twenty guests, an intimate wedding enables you to increase the luxury value.

Private Areas

Why not use a private setting for your micro-weddings, speaking of premium value. A micro-wedding, as previously said, is one with less than twenty people, allowing you to spend more on the location and provide your guests other benefits like a free or discounted bar.

A hotel, restaurant, distillery, church, glamping site, or any other location that provides wedding services can be a private venue. Because modest sections of venues can be rented without reserving the entire hire, having a micro-wedding expands your options.

Possible Garments

Even if you choose a traditional wedding, every wedding needs a theme or a style, but a micro-wedding gives you the opportunity to include your guests a bit more. There are just twenty members in your wedding party, so you can consult with them on dress.

It frequently depends on the season, the location of the event, and the preferred style. Wedding bow ties for the men and casual maxi dresses for the ladies may be preferred for low-key weddings in a more relaxed semiformal setting. Make sure all of your guests are informed, whichever you decide.

Considerable Pass Times

You can tailor activities and make them particularly meaningful as you are just planning a wedding for your best friends and family. If you frequently play bar games with friends, consider adding a customised foosball or pool table to pass the time.

Additionally, keep in mind that at smaller weddings, the dynamics are a little different. It may be preferable to choose an alternative form of entertainment, such as lawn games, murder mystery events, a live band, or even a wedding magician, as there is less likelihood that your guests will stay up on the dance floor for prolonged periods.

Food and Drink

In terms of food and drink, there are a few things to consider. If you’re opting for a buffet, make sure there’s something for everyone – meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. You could also have a DIY bar with different drinks and cocktails on offer, so people can help themselves. Mobile wedding bar hire and food trucks are also a great way to provide your guests with plenty of delicious food and drinks.

If you’re going for a sit-down meal, make it a sharing platter affair with lots of different dishes, so people can try lots of different things. And finally, don’t forget the cake! A mini wedding cake is the perfect sweet treat to finish off the day.

Music Performances

Live bands, in particular, are a fantastic option for a small, private wedding. Live music acts keep you on your feet for hours because of their enthusiasm and personality. You also get the advantage of picking a musical genre that is meaningful to your group of friends when you go to a live performance.

To Finish

Smaller, more intimate weddings are perfect for modern couples who don’t want to go over the top with a big, traditional celebration.

Micro-weddings allow you to tailor the day to your own tastes and that of your guests and have truly unique experiences like personalised invitations, private venues, tailored activities and plenty of delicious food and drink on offer.

We hope you enjoy your day!