Refund Policy


Our concerted efforts in online writing have made us one of the best online writing companies. Our customers have faith in our work and we really acknowledge it. Moreover, our customers can ask for a refund if they are not happy with the quality of our work.
You are requested to go through all the details of refund policy so our dealings can be carried out in a smooth way.


  • If an order has been delayed by our side, you are allowed to ask for a refund, if you don’t want to use the content.
  • If the order has been delayed from our side, and the client wants to use the content, then he/she would be refunded an amount corresponding to the difference between the actual date of delivery and set date of delivery.
  • If the client has challenged the authenticity of the work, he/she would be required to prove it with some evidence. If the order has been proved inauthentic, then the client would be reimbursed an amount decided upon by our Quality Assurance Department, or given store credit.
  • As soon as the client has accepted our work, we are not held accountable to any low grade or losses.
  • If the client has been charged an extra amount by our payment system, he/she will be returned that amount accordingly.
  • If the client is not happy with the quality of our work, he/she should contact us rather than moving to third party.
  • Client wouldn’t be entertained with any writing service in future, if found in frequent chargeback requests.


Kindly note that the full amount means 90% of the actual total that you paid while placing an order with us. Furthermore, our decision in this regard would be regarded as final under any circumstances.