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Update Your Interior Space with this one Small Change

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The immense popularity of image sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest means that home styling, interior design, and upcycling are all very much in the spotlight in terms of what people like to post, share, like, and secretly covet for their own future dream house. From embracing the beauty of high ceilings to creating a cohesive flow of light through a compact hallway, segmenting open plan living, and of course, maintaining a consistent design throughout, modern interiors, in particular, have begun to embrace the visual power of empty spaces and neutral surroundings.

If this is on your to-do list for 2023, then you’re not alone. But where should you start, if giving your home a modern facelift is part of your plan for DIY renovations this year? In this article, we talk to the team at The Pendant Lighting Company about the most important aspect of any interior space: lighting.

Why is lighting so important in interior design?

Lighting is what has the power to make a space feel close and warm, bright and open, or colourful and full of life. From the colour of the light itself to the intensity of the bulb and the way it directs light around the room, the lighting you choose for each space in your home can transform its environment and help to create different moods and atmospheres according to the way the space is used.

Keep reading for our advice on the best lighting solutions for different rooms in your home, but first what is the value of pendant lighting as a specific style?

Why choose pendant lighting?  

A pendant light is suspended from the ceiling and becomes as much a part of the decorative surroundings as a source of useful and functional light in your home. With designs which range from a single drop pendant to clusters of teardrop bulbs and rows of cylinder pendants, pendant lights can be as simple or as ornate as you like drawing the eye upwards and creating a centrepiece in the space which utilises the aesthetic value of layered elements.

Best of all, because of the way that pendant lights are installed from the ceiling, they can get away with being much more delicate and fragile safe from small hands and overexcited pets.

Tips for selecting the best lighting for your home

When it comes to picking the best lighting solutions for different spaces in your home, we recommend considering the size of the space and how bright you need it to be. A tall ceiling and large open space can be perfect for a cluster of pendant shades which shine light in different decorations, however, smaller spaces are best served by a single light which is bright and delivers a consistent glare through the room.

Regardless of the kind of home you’re furnishing, here at The Pendant Lighting Company, we offer solutions and ideas for all spaces and homeowners. Visit our website to browse the full collection.